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I´d do anything

16. 9. 2006

Another day is going by

I´m thinking about you all the time

But you´re out there

And I´m here waiting


And I wrote this letter in my head

Cuz so many thing were left unsaid

But now you´re gone

And I can´t think straight


This could be the one last chance

To make you understand


I´d do anything

Just to hold you in my arms

To try to make you laught

Cuz somehow I can´t put you in the past

I´d do anything

Just to fall asleep with you

Will you remember me?

Cuz I know

I won´t forget you


Together we broke all the rules

Dreaming of dropping out of school

And leave this place

And never come back


So now maybe after all these year

If you miss me have no fear

I´ll be here

I´ll be waiting


This could be the last chance to make you understan

And I just can´t let you leave me once again


I close my eyes

And all I see is you

I close my eyes

I try to sleep

I can´t forget you


And I´d do anything for you

Nanana (.....)


I´d do anything

To fall asleep with you

I´d do anything

There´s nothing I won´t do

I´d do anything 



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